Preacher Boy Discography

Preacher Boy & The Natural Blues (Blind Pig Records, 1995)

Gutters & Pews (Blind Pig Records, 1996)

The Tenderloin EP (Blind Pig Records/WahTup Records, 1997)

Crow (WahTup Records, 1998)

The Devil’s Buttermilk (WahTup Records/Manifesto Records/Coast Road Records, 2000)

Demanding to be Next (Coast Road Records/RedEye Distribution, 2004)

The National Blues (Coast Road Records, 2016)

Country Blues (Coast Road Records, 2016)shows

Estate Bottled Blues (Coast Road Records, 2016)

Black Market Crow (Coast Road Records, 2018)

The Rumble Strip (Coast Road Records, 2018)

See No Evil (Coast Road Records, 2020)

Six for Three (Coast Road Records, 2021)


Select Collaborations & Contributions

Acoustic Blues Summit (songwriter/performer/producer) 

Colin Brooks - Blood and Water (co-writer) 

Doug Hoekstra - The Day Deserved (performer) 

Dusty Wright - Elevened (performer) 

Eagle-Eye Cherry - Living in the Present Future (co-writer/performer) 

Eagle-Eye Cherry - Sub Rosa (co-writer/performer) 

Joe Louis Walker presents: Mean Streets Blues (performer/co-producer) 

Kreg Viesselman - Kreg Viesselman (performer) 

Miller’s Farm - MF (co-writer) 

Mulebone - New Morning (co-writer) 

New Coat of Paint: Songs of Tom Waits (performer) 

Park & Preach - Drive-In (co-writer/performer) 

Patches - Vineland (performer) 

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy (performer, w/ Prophet Omega) 

RaIL - In The River (perfomer/producer] 

The Blisstones - Slapback (co-writer/performer/producer) 

The Hungry Dog Brand - Boy vs. Dog (co-writer/performer/producer) 

The Nob Hill Mariners (co-writer/performer/producer) 

The Useless Bastards - Sum of our Parts (co-writer/performer) 

The Westside Sheiks - Live at Mission St. BBQ (writer/performer) 

Will Scott - Gnawbone (co-writer/performer/producer)