The godfather of Alt Blues”

— Faster and Louder

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Six for Three

Preacher Boy

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Possibly the rawest and most immediate album of Preacher Boy's long career. An escape to a river in the mountains. 6 new songs written in 3 days, rich with the sights and sounds of the wild—rushing rapids, lone ghost pines, abandoned gold mines, gliding eagles, bleached white bones. This is country blues in the most literal of ways—raw, real, wild.

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"The godfather of Alt Blues." -Faster and Louder

"Preacher Boy’s performances leave nothing but scorched earth in their wake." -That Devil Music 

"Wonderful work on National Steel." -Rolling Stone 

“A totally unique twist on roots music.” -Blues Access 

“The man knows how to write a song, and how to deliver it with gut-punch impact." -Sputnik Music 

“A devious storm of gothic Americana and gritty country blues." - Good Times 

"Preacher Boy is a songwriter of startling originality." - MOJO

"Country blues that marry Nick Cave, Robert Johnson, Woody Guthrie and Tom Waits" - Melody Maker

"Detailed, offbeat imagery that recalls Dylan's best" - Blues Revue