Demanding To Be Next

by Preacher Boy

Coast Road Records
Coast Road Records
Preacher Boy's first solo acoustic release; a rich mix of Folk, Country, and Delta Blues, Americana, and rootsy Singer-Songwriter material.
“Demanding To Be Next demands attention instantly. On the tender opener "A Little Better When It Rains," Watkins blends fingerpicking and slide. His voice, a cross between those of Kelly Joe Phelps and Tom Waits, has an otherworldly quality that makes him sound like no one else and suits his quirky songs well. Flatpicked folk song "Whistleman" packs detailed, offbeat imagery that recalls Dylan's best. Its ominous feeling gets under your skin, setting you up for the album's only cover a few tracks later, a strong reading of Son House's "Death Letter." Likewise, Watkins' slide on "Jackson Street" conjures the kind of old-time train songs he aspires to emulate.”
–Blues Revue